Rook is a pixel perfect graphical user interface that is crafted from vector shapes, layer styles and high-res textures. Great care has been taken in the design and construction of this GUi to ensure the highest quality whilst maintaining full editablity.

The idea behind Rook was to create a user interface that would look real and feel natural, I wanted to make the elements look like they were actually constructed by hand from materials and parts. My main inspiration for Rook was the music of the wurlitzer ep200 electric piano, the guitar amps made by Marshall in the 1960s, the french electro band Justice, the Stones and Cream.

The Rook GUi set includes 3 artwork sizes, 1 for the Retina screen (326ppi) , 1 for the standard Tablet screen (132ppi) and 1 for web (72ppi). You can also create your own color schemes as the Rook GUi comes fully layered.

Rook is the graphical user interface that does it.