The Ui Toolkit

Grab this awesome bundle of essential Ui design resources and speed up your design workflow for just $8. The toolkit is packed with well over 300 premium quality royalty free design elements created specifically with Ui developers and designers in mind.

What you will get for $8

Ui Styles – 20 Photoshop Styles

With so many Photoshop styles out there it can be a tricky and time consuming task picking the right one. That’s why we cut to the chase and only included 20 of the best premium Photoshop styles you are most likely to use in your ui projects.

Ui Glyph Set – 94 Vector Glyphs

Need a glyph for a button or menu? Here’s 94 pixel perfect ones for you to use. All glyphs are royalty free and come in a range of formats including Vector, Photoshop psd, illustrator ai and separate png’s.

Clean Background Patterns – 40 Patterns

Less is always more with ui design and this set of clean Photoshop background patterns is a must have for any ui designer. Each pattern file is created with a transparent background so you can just apply them to any color background without color casting issues. The patterns also come in dark and light versions so you can have complete control over your pattern design. As well as the 40 Photoshop patterns you will also get 40 pre-made high-resolution jpeg versions.

Ui Shadow Creator – Photoshop Action Set

Make your user interface elements pop with this ultra handy shadow creation Photoshop action set. All it takes is just one click and your shadow will automatically be created for you.

Ui Shape Set – 130 Custom Shapes

Don’t waste anymore time trying to create the power symbol with the pen tool, or hunting around for vector versions of your favorite icons. This set of 130 custom shapes will help speed things up, so you can get on with designing.

Ui Ring Indicator Set – 10 Custom Shapes

Creating light indicators for your volume knobs can be a tricky and time consuming task. That’s why you need this handy little set of 10 custom shape ring indicators. A few clicks and you have your vector indicator ring!

Ui Textures – 10 High Resolution Textures

Give your ui design that extra realism with this awesome set of 10 high-resolution photographic textures.Each texture image is 3000x2000px and 72dpi making them perfect for web and application use.

Common Ui Symbols – 34 Vector Symbols

This collection of common ui symbols will definitely come in handy for your next user interface design. The set contains 34 pixel perfect symbols that are crafted using vector shapes, making them very flexible.

License Rights and Conditions

In purchasing the the Ui Toolkit, the purchasing designer has the right to use all included design elements in their own commercial and non-commercial works. The license does not provide the right for the designer to duplicate, distribute, reproduce or sell the Ui toolkit as it comes.

(Put simply, use them in your client work and those web templates you plan to sell but don’t go selling the elements in the basic format they come in.)

Under the standard license, only one designer may use the toolkit at any one time, you are not permitted to share the Ui Toolkit with multiple designers. If you are a design studio, agency or business please contact us for more details on our Multi User version of the Ui Toolkit.

All this for just $8

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